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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!

Milk Powder Container

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  • DOUBLE-HOME BUTTON: The double-hole design at the bottom of the spoon uses the principle of air convection to control the amount more accurately.
  • SCRAPER DESIGN: Accurately control the amount, you can take a spoonful of milk powder and scrape it flat on the scraper, no need to shake the spoon for estimation.
  • WIDE-MOUTH DESIGN: Milk Powder Container has a large and wide-mouth design with multiple usages. A milk powder box is also a storage box, fruits, snacks, and rice noodles can be stored.
  • DOUBLE SEALED: The lid and the box body are tightly attached to ensure that the milk powder does not leak and get wet. The silicone ring with strong locks is tightly sealed, stable and durable. It is sealed for storage and portable.
  • POWDER SPOON: The powder spoon is stored in isolation, and the powder spoon is separated for clean and hygienic. The milk powder box is made of environmentally PP, which does not contain toxic substances. The box is safe and has no odor.